SinSlayers is a pixel-art turn-based strategy about sins and sinners.

7 story act about each one of the sins.

Random generated locations for each story act.

12 playable characters and 100+ pixel-art stylized monsters.

Planned release date MID 2018, but first Showcase Version available now (link below).
And First playable Alpha Version will be available in START 2018

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SinSlayers is a turn-based strategy about sins and sinners with elements of dungeon crawler
and pixel art graphics.

The game will provide you a roster of 12 heroes, each with his/hers own story, unique
specialization and battle abilities.

You will build your team of 3 and send them to fight seven deadly sins, depicted as dreadful
and ruthless monsters: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sorrow, Greed, Gluttony and Lust.

Each of those sins rule their own realm, so every location that player will visit will differ from others.

Same with creatures, that inhabit these lands. Furthermore, these locations will be
procedurally generated every time you play to provide you with new experience.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to slash monsters indefinitely.

You will be able to rest from the battles in the Old Church - the last refuge of the sinners
- on the crossroads between the warring realms.

Here, in the specially equipped place, you’ll be able to change the equipment, learn new skills,
switch heroes in your team, get new tasks from other undead, or just have a good sleep in
the safe area.

But player, be aware - wherever you go your sins will follow.